I am writing this post from a ferry crossing the channel, from Normandy to Portsmouth, England. Looking back, the few days we spent here have been the highlight of the trip so far.

We have been lucky enough to stay in a lovely hotel right in the center of the Bayeux, a gorgeous old town with a huge cathedral that was not damaged by WWII. On one of the nights a dynamic light show played on an ancient oak tree next to the cathedral, as a celebration of peace in the third quarter decade since the end of the war.  

The weather has been spectacular: cool mornings and sunny 70 degree afternoons. One of my favorite excursions was our trip to Omaha Beach, pictured below. We visited multiple informative D-Day museums to continue with our History of WWII course. These focused on the creation of Mulberry Harbor in Arromanches (which we also visited), an artificial harbor that was created unload military equipment and personnel quickly onto shore. In total, over 2.5 million men were unloaded using this harbor. The massive scale and success of the D-Day operation, we learned, was beyond incredible.

Walking up to the American Cemetery afterward, the air was filled with the smell of wild rose bushes.

Au revoir gloria! (Gloria is the little dog that lived at the hotel)


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